The big prize!


We are very exited and happyto be awarded with the first prize in the Social Point awards for the Master of Game Design and Development of the UPC Talent School of Barcelona for the master thesis projects! This is a great boost for morale after a whole year of hard work and perseverance.ย (Links in spanish)

This awards took place under the conference of Ashtree Works on a successful indie game project in kicktarter experience, their wonderful and very promising game Paradise Lost: Fist Contact. This was a very enlightening and a really interesting conference about a the challenges and ways to present and found a project on Kickstater. We hope Ashtree the best of luck and success in their project and other future ones.

All of us would also like to thank all of our families, friends, master colleagues and all the people who believed in us and supported us. Thank you all guys, you are the best!

Update: Here it isย  the blog entry about the act: link (in spanish)


Child’s Manor Release is finally here


We are extremelly proud to announce the release of Child’s Manor retail version. After a long road of sweat, blood and hours and hours of effort, finally it has come to life. We hope you enjoy our work and don’t get too scared of the dark ๐Ÿ˜‰

You may download it from here.


So Far so GOOD

Child’s Manor is about to be released and we are super excited about it. The reselease of its trailer has finally come!

Also there are some additional video footage about the making of, both gameplay and artistic features.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making this game. ๐Ÿ™‚

Child’s Manor on BLE

We are proud to announce that Child’s Manor team will be represented in the elevator pitch session on the “Barcelona Loves Enterpreneurs“. The event will take place at Moritz’s old brewery factory in Barcelona the 8th of July at 19:00h.

Childs Manor provisional cover

A brave new world

As time goes by so does our imagination and our effort in the project. It is not yet done but in the meantime we would like to show you the world we are bringing to life and shaping into a reality. We hope you like it.


Beware of the dog!

The park entrance

The Manor

Slingshot gameplay