A word from the developers

Welcome to the official Child’s Manor site!

This project is the product of the sum of our combined capabilities to design a game and the effort to make it real as we learn how to do so. Although this project is still under development, we are more that willing to show you all our work in progress and how it evolves and takes form.

When we decided to start making this game happen, through an intense and quite extense brainstorming, we gathered a huge amount of ideas from really different games that we love to come across something unique and appealing not only as players but also as developers. From the concept under games as Planescape: Torment and Alan Wake taking into account the style of manga and the leit motiv of horror games and classic horror stories, we spawned an idea that we are still fond of, seeing how its potential lured us to begin its construction planning a preliminary GDD and after some discussion a final version of it were all that was necessary to develop was finally defined.

With the first steps made and the concepts still fresh in mind, we decided after a deep background research to choose Unity3D for its versatility and its massive and detailed documentation and vast community of developers and users. Step by step, Child’s Manor is taking shape and becoming a reality. Please, come with us through this dark and misterious journey and we’ll show you the true potential of imagination.

This video game project is a master thesis developed under the scope of the master courses of desing and game development and digital art, animation and game design of the Talent UPC School in Barcelona in the 2012-2013 edition.

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