The journey begins

Everything has a beginning, and so every story. This is the tale of a young child lost in a vast ocean of city lights, dark corners and mysterious avenues, where the consciousnes of those who dwell in the uncertainty of the unknown glitter with every step through the darkness. Lighting a way across a massive pit of darkness that is fear, the promise of an endless nightmare and a shivering spark of hope, wielding only her will as the shield of her imagination, she commands the desperate will to survive.

This is Yue, a humble primary school student in a large city of Japan, bearer of a unique capability of understand reality in a different way. Her parents have always told her all kind of old tales and modern stories for her to develop and love the art of storytelling, and stimulating her vivid and huge imagination. Her wilfulness to absorb such stories and adaptate them later on to her own taste has made her an inspiring and advantaged artist for her young age. But far from being a joy to share, her abilities to maintain relatioships with other fellow students are far from desirable. She is being observed as a rare dreamer and is left alone with her dreams and stories, painted or scrapped down a sketchbook or told around a candle in a dark stormy night.

She rarely hangs out with any other people than her family but this does not mean Yue is a resourceless young lady. Far from that, a troubling event in the past during a summer vaction period in her grandparents country house had provided her unexpected skills and yet unknown consequences…


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